About us

Welcome to “ENVISOL “Energy and Environment Solutions

ENVISOL was established in 2010 to initially provide our clients, from the Commercial and Industrial sectors to Contractors and Private, with a one-stop solution regarding energy saving lighting options.  Over the last few years we have diversified our scope to address a holistic approach to energy and as a result we now supply and consult on a wide range of energy saving solutions.  By utilizing various high quality technologically advanced products we can provide our clients with a one stop solution and peace of mind for their energy and carbon footprint concerns.  

We offer our clients the following services with regards to energy saving lighting:

  • Supply of various state of the art energy saving light options
  • Project Management on lighting
  • Consulting service on energy saving, proposals on savings, rebate options and environmental aspects
  • Professional Installation option of energy saving lights
  • Lighting audits on current technology and proposals on alternate technology
  • Eskom rebate assistance
  • Financing available for projects larger than R50K
  • Exceptional and personal after sales service

We also provide the following products and services based on a holistic energy saving approach: 

  • Energy audit on all technology for existing buildings
  • LED lighting
  • Inverter with battery back-up
  • HVAC
  • PV (Solar)
  • Generators
  • Management, monitoring and verification tools
  • Option of 4 different financing models (including the popular “0” Capex model)

ENVISOL has a wide range of quality, technologically advanced products with the necessary SABS, NRCS, CE certification and/or ESKOM approval to offer our clients. We are able to supply or have most specifications manufactured according to our clients needs, which is client specific in many cases, especially in the industrial and commercial type applications. 

ENVISOL is as an energy partner to many satisfied clients and is also endorsed by a number of environmentally friendly and energy conscious consulting firms that promote effective, researched products and solutions to their clients.  Whether we optimize energy consumption in existing technologies or integrate the use of modern technologies to reduce the carbon footprint, together we can make a difference.  ENVISOL forms part of the 49M initiative and is a level - 4 BEE Contributor.

ENVISOL is also an authorized distributing agent within Sub Sahara Africa and surrounding islands for Hyundai Lighting & Electric (HZ) Ltd.   

We appreciate your interest in our company and would like to invite you to consider our services and range of energy saving and environmentally friendly options.  The environment and all relevant parties will subsequently benefit from these technologically advanced products.  In the process we will all contribute towards a positive impact on national energy consumption and be more cost effective, leading towards a brighter future for all concerned.