Non Toxic Roach Control Solutions

roachENVISOL is an authorised agent for ROACH APPROACH.   ROACH APPROACH is unique in the sense that it is the only "Non Toxic" environmentally friendly alternative to existing controls available today.  The unique ROACH APPROACH formula contains all natural and environmentally friendly ingredients that roaches cannot resist.
Applied as a paste, the odourless bait is strategically applied by one of our team in small pieces in areas known to harbour roaches.  The bait solidifies in approximately 2 hours and will remain in place and effective for at least three months.  Due to the method of application of the bait there is absolutely no disruption in production areas, kitchens or affected areas.  ROACH APPROACH is truly a “No Mess, No Spray, No Odour and No Fuss” approach to roach control.

Upon ingestion of even a small quantity of the bait the roach will start to dehydrate. The dehydration process will lead to the roach’s death in approximately 5 - 7 days.  During this period the dying roach will attempt to replace its own body fluids and will seek out different sources of hydration in an attempt to survive.  A readily available source of hydration is found in the roaches own egg pods which are then instantly devoured and as a result the next generation of roaches is effectively wiped out.  Being cannibalistic by nature and in an attempt to survive, a dying roach will also continue to feed on its own kind including larvae, weaker young and old roaches – until its own demise.  ROACH APPROACH’s effectiveness is witnessed in the fact that roaches will wipe out their own kind within one week and the premises will remain roach free for at least three months.

Quarterly applications of ROACH APPROACH make this control system one of the most cost effective solutions and without a doubt the most environmentally friendly available.
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